Offshore Software Development Advantages

Using an Offshore Development Center brings many advantages, particularly in cost savings and the timeframe. ODCs in developing countries such as Vietnam maximize these benefits even further.

Skills & Knowledge at our Offshore Software Development Company

When selecting an Offshore Development Center, many companies are understandably concerned with the talent base of the individuals who will be working on their projects. This is an important factor in deciding which country to outsource to. Vietnam has a great pool of talented software developers with world-class education and familiarity with the latest and greatest technology. Through Orient Software Development Company, your company can scale the team up or down as needed to accommodate the project’s changing needs.

Shorter Timeframe

Selecting an ODC on the other side of the globe can speed up application development by facilitating a 24-hour workday, where someone is working on the project at all times. This type of work environment maximizes the use of space, equipment, and other resources, resulting in a decreased time to market. Indeed, this is the primary reason why many firms choose to globalize their development services. Having a shorter timeframe for development projects accommodates the tighter competition, shorter product lifecycles, and the increased demand for a rapid turn on investment in today’s business world.

Cost Savings working with an Offshore Development Company

How much can you expect to save with an Offshore Development Center? Depending on the project’s characteristics, cost savings could be as much as 40-80% with a well-managed ODC. These cost savings result from the cheaper cost of labor in Vietnam, without sacrificing quality or the knowledge base. By opting to work with an offshore software development company, the client has fewer capital expenditures.

The ODC at Orient Software

Orient Software uses a special model for application development that uses methodologies, processes, tools, and technology customized for each client’s specific needs. Our ODCs are located in Vietnam, fully managed and staffed by our company. Because each Offshore Development Center is dedicated to only one client throughout the length of the project, each team member shows a commitment to the work and embraces the client’s goals and business processes. In this way, they become a valuable extension of the client’s onsite team.

Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

At Orient Software, our professional ODCs always adopt the client’s norms, standards, and work environment while maintaining their focus on domain knowledge, skills, and products. The client’s needs and requirements are stated explicitly and understood implicitly. Our ODCs deliver top-notch business solutions that improve our clients’ bottom-line precisely because we know how to combine our technical skills and business knowledge in proactive ways.

Knowledge Retention

Orient Software ensures that any and all knowledge gained during the course of the project remains within the center even if individual move on, ensuring that Orient Software can continue to provide exceptional development services to the client for years to come. The offshore development company always has complete responsibility for completing the assignment as promised and delivering a final solution that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

On Time

Finally, our Offshore Development Center professionals always strive adhere to their deadlines, so our clients don’t ever have to worry about unexpectedly being left behind their competitors. Our Offshore Development Center have enough flexibility in resource utilization to focus their efforts where – and when – they’re needed most.

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