This case explains one of our Success cases titled, ‘App based Internal Marketing & Distribution Solution’ what internal marketing is and how it benefits employees. This case also illustrated how we managed to develop such a complex idea into a reality. We'll also see how it can be used by managers to communicate information with employees. Scenarios in which effective internal marketing is used are included.


Marketing, according to the traditional view, focuses on external customers, rather than paying attention to the organisation's employees as "internal" customers. Internal marketing is an important part of organisational development and change, moreover, if there is an absence of internal marketing in the given firm management may face with resistant staff toward change processes and adaptation. Marketing tools are essential and necessary in order to shape a given firm environment, also to establish the basis of the achievable new stage of change. Internal marketing in cultural change flows down from upper level management through the strategies, new values and objectives they set for the organisation. Therefore the elements of internal marketing have core competitive value in building effective business performance.

How product helped
  • Implemented in 2000 outlets.
  • Offline capabilities to make app useable in remote areas.
  • Very extensive backend with dynamic reporting.
Technologies Involved
  • Java, Firebase
  • PHP Laravel Framework
  • AWS backbone with Custom

It was critical to validate the idea to make sure you know what is main problem that your application want to solve, or what is main function of your application. So you can build your application with clear purpose and standard. You know definitely why you build your application.

Is there a market for your application? Where will the application be sold? Who is your target group? Answer this questions to make sure you know what kind of market you want to use when sell your application and the type of user target that will use your application. This is will helping you to focus on them when you marketing your application. You know the good strategic to sell your application based on your market and target.

Is there a competitor of your application? What is their pros and cons? Do a research about them to help you build a better application although your application solve the same problem, you can build your application with your own image and way because you already knew about your competitor.

Future Steps

Have your "value" messages ready before the launch, and then develop marketing materials appropriate for sending those messages to employees via multiple internal communication channels. Post a guide to the new app on your internal web page. Send an email message to all employees about the benefits of the app and instructions for downloading it. Create posters and put them in your break rooms and hallways. Put tent cards in the cafeteria or lunch room. Offer live demos. The idea is to make everyone aware of your app and its value, and then make a strong call to action (i.e., asking them to download the app now).

This is not a question of explaining the app's technical specifications. The value you must show relates to how using the mobile app will improve an employee's overall experience, making work-life more manageable. Put yourself in the employees' shoes and sketch out how using the mobile app compares to doing the same activity without the mobile app. If, for example, timekeeping can be done via a mobile app, the employee will be untethered from having to clock in via your legacy timekeeping system. Show them how this app will facilitate flexibility, mobility and simplicity by crafting your marketing messages accordingly.

For a mobile HR app to be successful, employees have to know about it, understand its value and then download it. Each of those steps is an important part of the employee's conversion-to-adoption journey. So when you launch your HR app, you need to drive awareness. You might organize a big social event to celebrate the launch in order to drive adoption from day one, for instance.

According to Forbes, Indiana-based digital firm, Blueridge, launched their internal, HR-related app with an ice cream social. All employees were invited via different internal communication channels and were asked to download the app and take part in a scavenger hunt/contest related to the use of the new app. "It was an absolute hit," said Blueridge CEO Santiago Jaramillo, "the team obviously loved eating ice cream and going through the scavenger hunt inside the app. That helped with getting the app downloaded on their phones and getting them familiar with what they could use inside of it."

You want to keep your employees engaged in using the app, so continue collecting their feedback about how to improve the user experience. When you hire new employees, be sure to provide them with an orientation about the benefits of using your app and require them to download it. This way, they will understand right from the start that the app is an integral part of their life at your organization.

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