Votcen is a simple and easy tool designed to help Voters cast an informed vote, as conveniently as possible. Lets get out the vote!

This App provides 4 basic, yet essential functions that were needed and requested by Voters.

Where is the Nearest Voting Location?

We wanted to make it easier to find Voting Center Locations. With Votcen, Voters can now identify a Voting Center location near them in less than a minute and then navigate there, when they are ready to go vote.

Who are the Candidates on my Voting Ballot?

We want our Voters to be informed. There are normally too many candidates on a ballot to research or recall without help. In Votcen, we created an easy to browse Candidate Directory with some basic info on every candidate. This way Voters can conveniently learn about who is running for a position and cast an informed vote in minutes.

Do you need a Reminder for Election Dates?

We understand! There are way too many things to keep track of these days and although elections are a priority to us, All of us can use a reminder now and then. VotCen reminders are easy to set up and will keep you informed.

We all have our Favorites!

Now you can share your favorites with your network with ease. This feature also comes in handy during election day because you can use it to remember who you want to vote for.

Share everything with your network and contacts.

The application allows you to share voting locations via text messages, social media, email and other applications on your phone device.

"America is a better place when EVERYONE’s Voice is Heard in the form of a VOTE." -- Eddie Sajjad (Founder of VotCen)

VotCen is a new Non-Partisan Free tool designed to help the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Movement. In 2018 the application is just launching in Fort Bend County, Texas as a test market but we hope to be in every county in the USA by 2020. The application will remain Free and we need everyones help to spread the word. Please visit www.votcen.com for more information on the mobile application. You can also donate to help with the marketing efforts to inform voters (700K+ in fort bend) of its existence. Please leave your feedback and share this app with your respective network.

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