This is a website which has a mission to help people relieve their stress and anxiety, increase their productivity and sleep better with Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Sleep is critical for high performance. But, it tends to be the first thing neglected during busy, high-stress periods. See how Swannies can help you!


Swanwick has been featured by some of the top global publications. Swannies Day Glasses in our Classic style are exactly what the people wanted. A pair of blue light blocking glasses they could wear throughout the day - at work and at play.

Previously known as Model X, Diamond Swannies have had a fabulous success on our Indiegogo campaign, that sold over 350 pairs before even launching.

  • SLEEP BETTER: You'll never have trouble sleeping again when you wear your Swannies Computer Screen Reader Glasses
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES: Orange lenses block more blue light than any other Computer Reading Glasses; Anti Reflective and Anti Glare lens coating prevents Insomnia and Macular Degeneration
  • LOOK COOLER: Most Blue Blockers and Gaming Glasses are not cool; They're clunky unstylish and make you look silly; You can rock your Swannies display glasses and still be super stylish
  • ACETATE FRAMES: Environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based plastics; Strong, lightweight and flexible, can be shaped to your face for a perfect fit and be readjusted
  • FDA REGISTERED: Swanwick Sleep is fully registered with the Food and Drug Administration and offers a one hundred percent money back guarantee for risk free purchasing

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