The purpose of this case study is to state the goals, objectives and challenges faced while developing ‘Dutabash - Mobile Application’ under the project titled, ‘Developing Android, IOS and Web Application for Digital ServicesInnovation’.AllcitizensofBangladeshathome and abroad will be the beneficiary of this project. Service provider will be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA) and all foreign missions of the government. 

Developing Android, iOS and Web Application for Digital Services Innovation


It may be highlighted that the Consular & Welfare Wing as well as the missions at times find it difficult to track all the service requests due to unavailability of manpower and proper technology to preserve all hard documents, Moreover, ensuring faster service has also become challenging due to the engagement of multiple Government agencies. Besides, many service recipients have also informed that it involves time and money to visit up to MoFA or missions and file their request. So, most of the expatriates requested for an ‘Electronic System’ which would ease the process and ensure service at fingertips, one step ahead of other institutions/agencies providing service at the doorstep.

Product Perspective

The present government of Bangladesh upon assuming power in its first term in 2009, has been prioritizing the use of Information and Communication Technology(ICT). The vision of the Government is building ‘Digital Bangladesh’ as well as ensuring public service at the doorstep. The Consular and Welfare wing is the only public interface of the welfare services i.e. attestation, repatriation, renunciation, providing legal and consular assistance to the Bangladesh nationals abroad as well as foreign nationals in Bangladesh. The wing, on a day to day basis, deals with numerous service requests received from all over the world. With the increase of the number of expatriates, the cases received at the end of MoFA and its missions abroad have been increasing at an exponential pace

User Classes & Characteristics

The following list states different user classes and their characteristics of the developed system:

  • All Citizens of Bangladesh in Home and Abroad
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Education
  • Education Board
  • Law and Justice Division
  • Security Services Division
  • Special Branch
  • Dhaka Metropolitan Police
  • Universities
  • All Foreign Missions of the Government
  • Service Requester and Recipients
  • Stakeholders
  • Expatriates
Design & Implementation Constraints

The application is backed by a cloud server with a facility of backup storage in multiple POP’s with the provision of real time tracking of service requests. The user interface is in android and iOS platform but the administrator interface has been developed as a Web Application. All the interfaces is linked so that service request and service delivery can be tracked. Every service request generates a unique token number. Payment gateway provision is included within the system in order to ease the payment method. A pool of trained officers has been developed and they are looking after the technical particulars and work on any system loopholes.

Interface Requirements

User Interfaces

The application has significantly improved the service quality of this Ministry as well as Missions abroad. This wonderful application also bridges the communication divide between people and the Ministry. The benefits of this application is as follows:

  • Ensure secured preservation of all documents and database of Welfare services
  • Ensure Transparency and accountability in terms of public service delivery
  • Engage MoFA and Mission in the same platform through designated focal point officers with designated email address and phone number
  • Electronic tracking system of service requests
  • Help preparing a database of expatriates in the long run
  • Ensure the Government’s commitment in line with the ‘Vision - 2021’ and ‘Digital Bangladesh’ through implementation of ICT in public service.
  • Reduce hassle and save time for the service recipients.
  • Create a positive image of the Government to the citizens at home and abroad.
  • Help build a strong system which might contribute to assisting victims of human trafficking in person.
  • Visualize one-stop service delivery involving all government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Education, Education Board, Law and Justice Division, Security Services Division, Special Branch, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Universities etc by providing limited access to them.

Inevitably the development of ‘Dutabash’, consisted of several challenges that has taught us multiple lessons to push ourselves forward. Some of them are stated below

  • Service Request Forwarding from Mission to Mission dynamically
  • Payment Gateway Integration based on multiple missions situating on various countries
  • Document Process i.e Editing, Conversion, Rotation, Cropping
  • Geofencing to define and track user location

As the project was full of obstacles and challenges, it was one of the biggest achievements for the team to develop and deliver the deliverables within time. Iterative dedication and constant client feedback leads to the final product which successfully speed up the decade old service request procedure for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently the team is engaged in constant review feedback and support.

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